Schellter Strategy Consults BV - Shareholder & Stakeholder Sustainability
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Our activity is 4 fold:

               1. A socio-economic think tank

               2. CEO Advisory Council: platform for resilient business solutions

               3. Gender Equality and Shareholder activist

               4. Health care activist: Patient as GUEST

What’s going on in the world?

  • Corona virus pandemic crisis
  • Climate change: 5% uses 25%
  • Exploding world population (6.7B to 9B)
  • Simultaneous wars
  • A catastrophic economic meltdown
  • Inequality and poverty
  • Peak fossil-fuel supplies/easily recoverable
  • Globalization and interconnectedness
  • Radical redistribution of wealth between rich and  poor
  • Lack of investment in infrastructure
  • Water resources being challenged
  • Soil being depleted…curiosity being depleted?

What’s going on?: opportunities

  • Digitalisation & automatisation
  • AI & machine learning
  • Growing on-line, high-speed, world-wide interconnectedness with huge amounts of great data and information ( like satellite imagery)
  • Expanding scientific understanding of world
  • Good educational institutions
  • Internet of everything
  • To have a more informed, nuanced conversation, and to challenge our assumptions
  • To use new and old resources more responsibly
  • Entrepreneurship: to make new products and services that address these challenges and to be profitable.

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