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Mentoring program for CxO'S and C-dating

  • Our way of “Mentoring” desires to affect higher rates of stability and satisfaction in a changing business landscape that calls the mentee into new collaborative relationships and new systems of delivery.   

  • Mentoring is an effort to integrate the formation dimensions of Spiritual development, Business development, Intellectual development, and Human development as the mentee moves into a new phase of his/her life. 

Mentor expectations 

  • A patient listener and eagle-eyed 
  • Inspires trust 
  • Gives advice without dictating actions 
  • Encourages independence yet offers support 
  • Offers constructive criticism as well as compliments 
  • Open and honest 
  • A good role model through actions and words 
  • Willing to spend time, reach out, and share  
  • An effective intermediary

Mentee expectations  

  •  Asks questions 
  •  Willing to be mentored 
  •  Strives to give his/her best at all times 
  •  Accepts criticism graciously 
  • Learns from mistakes 
  •  Has courage to try new things 
  •  Accepts responsibilities 
  •  Open and honest 
  •  Respectful and grateful 
  •  Listens, watches, learns, grows

Why Mentor?

  •  Satisfaction in knowing you had an impact on someone’s professional and personal development 
  •  Develop leadership skills and build confidence 
  •  A link with“the younger generation” 
  •  Get a fresh perspective from your mentee 
  •  Increase productivity 
  •  Help develop your professional network 
  •  Receive recognition from peers and superiors

Why Mentee?  

  •  Have an ally to help you through many hurdles 
  •  Benefit from another persons experiences 
  •  Opens networks that would otherwise be closed 
  •  Life-long help with career advancement 
  •  Practice for being a good mentor 

Mentoring Architecture

Mentoring Phases

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