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Gender Equality Activist


  • Benchmark: the simple equation derived from

                  “Mother Nature”:    50/50 

  • How to achieve it?

Follow the simple rule “Mother Nature” has given us:

  • How to evaluate?

The only scientifically proven model to stress test one’s cognitive power resulting in a GENDER NEUTRAL and measurable evaluation allowing to compose a balanced Board in functional flow.
92% validity after more than 40 years of scientific research by the most undeservedly ignored management researcher of the modern era, Elliott Jacques. The Canadian-born psychologist’s work on the nature of hierarchy spans half a century and is based on extensive field data on how people behave at work and how they feel about their roles. He developed the notion of requisite organization, running counter to many others in the field of organizational development.
  • The BIOSS way?

BIOSS Professionals help you to achieve gender equality at Executive Board level and an organisation in flow.
BIOSS has been helping to build healthy and successful organisations since 1970. Starting as one of the early self-funded work and research Institutes based on the Brunel University, today it is an international organisation. Our expertise covers the following areas:

    • Organisation development and role design,
    • Identification of individual potential,
    • Succession and talent management;
    • Executive Selection and Recruitment;
    • Leadership development and
    • Executive coaching
    • Mentoring
BIOSS Professionals are top level management consultants specialising in assessment of top management potential, organisation structure, organisation design, organisation culture, reward & incentives, developmental psychometrics and succession planning.

  • The BIOSS value proposal:

1.     A balanced Executive Board in flow
2.     An innovative  succession planning road map
3.     A resilient organisation
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