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We use a methodology based on the theories of Elliott Jaques, who is a pioneer in defining the interaction and the fit between the complexity of a function and the capability of an individual. On that basis we have developed a model that goes way beyond the mere description of competencies and the judgment of knowledge and skills. It goes back to the essence of the individual and those specific elements that determine whether someone can or can’t be described as ‘competent’. These elements are mostly at the origin of the behavioural attitude that one wishes to describe by means of competencies.

Our insights have taught us that one factor in particular has a strongly predictive value for success in a position: the mental power to deal with increasing complexity. This is a very determinating factor which has little to do with IQ or academic education. Based on Jaques’ model, there are 7 levels, from the most executive function (level 1) to the most strategic function (level 7). These layers are valid for every type of organization. Independently from education, IQ and social background, it is possible to determine the actual and future potential of each individual. In addition Gillian Stamp has developed a model to describe the evolution of this cognitive complexity in function of the age of each individual.

BIOSS provides a deep understanding of how individuals and organizations succeed or fail and helps leaders with new ways how to develop their own capacity. It’s proven that companies that are using BIOSS in their organization definitely have a competitive advantage, in all disciplines addressing strategical, organisational and individual resilience.

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