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Supporting Women in Leadership

Gender diversity at work

Why be concerned with gender diversity in your workplace? Organizations that attract, retain, and advance women are: 
1. accessing talent from a larger pool 
2. earning higher rates of return over firms with lower percentages of women board directors 3. projecting a more positive public image to today’s socially conscious clientele 
Not only is diversity in the workplace important, but diversity in the most senior positions within an organization is crucial. Studies show that women increase effectiveness and enhance results.

Women are needed in leadership 

Despite women’s capability and desire to lead, their transcendence to leadership has not occurred. Inequality remains in terms of pay, career advancement, and career satisfaction. Research not only quantifies the positive impact women have on a company’s bottom line, but also points to women’s effective approach in business today. Today’s difficult economic times requires improved risk-taking, long-term visioning, and less hyper-competitiveness. Women’s leadership style is transformational as they tend to place higher value on collaboration including working together effectively, sharing ideas and information, and integrating the best ideas possible.

Economic impact 

Women play a crucial role in keeping the economy afloat. Women are amongst the most highly educated and have natural abilities to lead, account for 52 percent of the population, nearly 50 percent of the workforce, and 83 percent of all consumer purchasing decisions. 

Europe's looming labour and skills shortages can be addressed by better employing women who are a largely underutilized resource. An increase in skilled workers is critical to sustain our economy. Women are a key element; as many are not employed to their full potential.


Women not employed to their full potential represent productivity gaps. Addressing this issue can help businesses to increase their productivity and competitive advantage by better utilizing resources. 

Brain Drain 

The basic definition of Brain Drain: educated women who struggle to find jobs that match their abilities. This phenomenon is often associated with women re-entering the workforce after bearing children and having to rebuild their career - a reality many women face despite their educational attainment.

The result of brain drain = everyone loses. 

Employers lose out on skills and experience; women end up with lower paying positions and less satisfaction; not to mention the ensuing impact to our economy. 

Policy development 

While the overall number of women in politics is low, it isn’t just a numbers game. Policy decisions and laws are to be made to benefit all members of society. When groups within a society are not well represented it is difficult to make decisions, which take into account their unique perspectives and needs.

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